Skelig Michael, Ireland 2015

Although I am grateful for whatever wisdom I’ve been given by others, my only expertise is my experience. I seek to share stories from my life spent seeking to follow the way of Jesus. I seek to ask questions to connect my journey to your journey as I encourage you to take a new step with me.

Because these are my stories, I will not identify others who were involved. The impact on me from our interactions is what I hope to share. I will identify family relationships due to their impact on my family system.

When I share small group travels and workshops with Brian McLaren, Dom & Sarah Crossan, Marcus & Marianne Borg, Suzanne & Joe Stabile, Ed Friedman, Walter Brueggemann, etc. I seek to share what I heard (although I can’t guarantee what I heard is what they said!)

When I share the influence of authors on me, I seek to encourage you to check out their writings for your own interpretation and growth as you support their work.

I began each youth group and many workshops with a group covenant (agreement). The most succinct came from Logos Youth Club: “I am a child of God; please treat me that way. I am not the only child of God; I will treat you as I would want to be treated.”

My goal is to invite you toward an abundant life. I know my words can have a different impact than I intended. I welcome your responses and further questions as we move along our journey together.