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  • Considering Matthew Shephard
    We went to the University of Missouri choral union and chamber orchestra’s performance of “Considering Matthew Shephard” last night. Incredible music, miraculously performed, took us to a shared experience of being united with sighs too deep for words. You can listen to an original 2016 recording, or watch a PBS special about this opus by…
  • Restoration
    My wife, Nancy, grew up in the Macon (Missouri) Presbyterian Church. This Sunday they are celebrating the restoration of their Tiffany Glass stained glass window of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well from John 4. Using a variety of glass techniques, Louis Comfort Tiffany (the son of the famed Tiffany jeweler) created incredible…
  • Split Second
    We’ve just returned from visiting the north rim of the Grand Canyon. If we visited it 1.5 billion years ago, we’d cross flat land and a river. If we visited a thousand years from now, we’d see one yard cut larger than today. I guess we went at just the right time – “be here…

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