My wife, Nancy, grew up in the Macon (Missouri) Presbyterian Church. This Sunday they are celebrating the restoration of their Tiffany Glass stained glass window of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well from John 4. Using a variety of glass techniques, Louis Comfort Tiffany (the son of the famed Tiffany jeweler) created incredible works of art from 1878 to 1933.

At just the right time, when the church was built 120 years ago, they installed this Tiffany Glass window. Over time, the window deteriorated and the church is working to raise $70,000 to restore it. For such a time as this, I was called to serve as the part-time pastor just in time to celebrate the return of the woman at the well and the second coming of Jesus in art. You can join the celebration Sunday at 2 pm.

The restoration of this window coincides with my retirement restoration to pastoral ministry — serving one church and a community of people I am growing to love. Nancy is being restored to the home of her first third of life. Once again, John’s woman at the well — the other gender, immigrant outsider, uncertain character, wrong religion — the longest most meaningful theological dialogue with the rabbi Jesus of Nazareth — is the woman who births restoration.

What places in your life are being restored? How has timing affected great moments in your life? Among those you least expected, who is calling you home? 

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